Wednesday, October 18, 2006

why are the faces so sweet?

Ok, so it's nearly 3:30am, and I'm sitting up typing my column and listening to music when a very peculiar question strikes me: "Why are the Faces so gosh darn awesome?"
The group, fronted by the legendary Rod Stewart (before he got really lame), was a great rock 'n' roll band that doesn't get nearly as much recognition as they should, other than the fact that the former guitarist Ron Wood now plays with the Rolling Stones. Listen to "Flying" with the volume turned up high, and you'll probably discover a new favorite band.
If you're going to pick up one of their albums, the safest bet is their best of Good Boys... When They're Asleep. The album gives new listeners a proper introduction, and just has some really great tunes on it. Comparisons to the Stones are bound to come up, but who cares? They're both great!
Their blend of blues, soul, and rock 'n' roll created a sound that is unique, even by today's standards. Don't pass these guys up just because your mom listens to ol' Roddy. That would be a big mistake.



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