Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Roling Stone, whither hast thou wandered?

The past five years have proved to be quite tumultuous for Rolling Stone, one of the most respected music publications in the world, when compared to its often romanticized past. The magazine had been giving increasingly good reviews to increasingly bad musicians. Mariah Carey? "SHE'S GREAT!" says the Stone. Um... sure, guys.

Recently, Rolling Stone reviewed the new album by folk-songstress Joanna Newsom, entitled Ys. To be blunt, this record is incredible, full of sweeping orchestral gestures and flourishes of brilliant songcraft. However, Rolling Stone music critic Christian Hoard seems to disagree, calling the album:
  • Meandering; dude... IT'S A FOLK RECORD! Of course it's going to meander a bit.
  • He calls it an EP; OK, now this is just unacceptable. Yeah, the album only has five songs, which is typical for an EP. However, EPs usually don't have a running time of over 50 minutes. Have you even listened to this album, bro? This is ridiculous coming from a magazine as reputable as Rolling Stone. Lots of ticked-off fans have already posted on the website pointing out the inaccuracy.

I've had enough. Don't you dare dis Joanna again, got it, Christian? Just look at that face!

-Mike Affholder


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